Query multiple attributes

Use the getAttributesBulk function from the QuadReader smart contract to query multiple attributes about a passport holder.



Install @quadrata/contracts package
npm i @quadrata/contracts --save-dev


Calling smart contract have to be granted permissions to call getAttributesBulk in Mainnet. Contact us via email at [email protected] or Discord
Testnets like Goerli,Mumbai,etc.. do not require any permissions


import "@quadrata/contracts/interfaces/IQuadPassportStore.sol";
// For Solidity version >= 0.8.0.
address user,
bytes32[] calldata attributes
) external returns(
IQuadPassportStore.Attribute[] memory attributes
// For Solidity version < 0.8.0.
address user,
bytes32[] calldata attributes
) external returns(
bytes32[] attributeValues,
uint256[] epochs,
address[] issuers


address of the passport holder
address (required)
The list of attributes you want to query. See: Supported attributes.
bytes32[] (required)

Return values

A list of issued values for each attributes being queried.
This function will return exactly a list of the same length as the number of attributes being queried. If an attribute hasn't been issued yet, it's value will be: Attribute{value: bytes32(0), epoch: uint256(0), issuer: address(0)}
/// @dev Attribute store infomation as it relates to a single attribute
/// `attrKeys` Array of keys defined by (wallet address/DID + data Type)
/// `value` Attribute value
/// `epoch` timestamp when the attribute has been verified by an Issuer
/// `issuer` address of the issuer issuing the attribute
struct Attribute {
bytes32 value;
uint256 epoch;
address issuer;
For Solidity version < 0.8.0
UsegetAttributesBulkLegacy()which returns three arrays. The index of each array maps to the others to create a tuple (e.g. attributeValues[0], epochs[0], issuers[0] are part of the same result).
  • attributeValues: Raw or hashed attribute values. See Supported attributes for the return values of each attribute.
  • epochs: Timestamp that indicates when the attribute was verified by the passport issuer.
  • issuers: Passport issuer who verified the attributes.


You can find our helper library to facilitate parsing the response => QuadReaderUtils
import "@quadrata/contracts/interfaces/IQuadReader.sol";
import "@quadrata/contracts/interfaces/IQuadPassportStore.sol";
import "@quadrata/contracts/utility/QuadReaderUtils.sol";
contract MyDapp {
using QuadReaderUtils for bytes32;
IQuadReader public reader;
function borrowMoney() external payable {
bytes32[] memory attributesToQuery = new bytes32[](2);
attributesToQuery[0] = keccak256("COUNTRY");
attributesToQuery[1] = keccak256("AML");
IQuadPassportStore.Attribute[] memory attributes = reader.getAttributesBulk(
require(attributes.length == attributesToQuery.length, "REQUIRES_COUNTRY_AND_AML");
// only users residing outside the US may borrow money
bool isEligibleCountry = !attributes[0].value.countryIsEqual("US");
// only users with AML risk score < 5 may borrow money
bool isEligibleAML = attributes[1].value.amlLessThan(5));
if (isEligibleCountry && isEligibleAML) {
// Allow borrow actions