Client Lazy Loading

Quadrata SDK Client Lazy Loading

By default, the Quadrata entry point component uses Lazy Loading to load the @quadrata/client-react and @quadrata/kyb-react libraries only when they are needed. This helps bring down the size of the First Load JS bundles.

In order to take advantage of Lazy Loading, you need to be able to serve JS chunks from your server on demand.

You can read more about lazy loading on React's developer reference,

Lazy loading relies on dynamic import(), which might require support from your bundler or framework.

Lazy Loading In Next.js

In Next.js, you can use the following configuration in your nextjs.config.mjs file:

/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const nextConfig = {
    experimental: {
        optimizePackageImports: [
export default nextConfig;

You can opt to using Eager Loading if you cannot or do not want to support Lazy Loading.

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