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4. QuadClient Package

<QuadClient /> Component

import { QuadClient } from '@quadrata/client-react';
const MyComponent = () => {
accessToken={accessToken} // JWT token obtained by calling /v1/api/login
account={account} // wallet address of the user to onboard
attributes={quadAttributes} // list of attributes required by the protocol
bypassMint={bypassMint} // Optional boolean flag indicating whether to bypass the mint screen. If this is set to true, onMintClick is optional
chainId={chainId} // Blockchain chainId to onboard to (see:
config={quadConfig} // Custom Configuration (i.e endpoint, protocol name)
mintComplete={mintComplete} // Boolean flag indicating when the "passport minting" is completed
mintError={mintError} // Optional string that can be passed to display mint error message
onApplicationEnd={handleOnApplicationEnd} // Optional callback function: triggered when the application reaches an end state (error or completion)
onHide={handleHide} // Optional callback function: triggered when the modal is closed
onMintClick={handleMintClick} // Optional callback function: triggered when a user clicks "Claim Passport"
onMintParamsReady={handleMintParamsReady} // Optional callback function: triggered when the mint parameters are signed and ready to mint
onPageChange={handlePageChange} // Optional callback function: triggers when a page changes
onSign={handleSign} // Callback function: triggered when a user attemps to Sign Wallet or Allow Consent
privacyScopes={privacyScopes} // Optional list of privacy scopes to request for consent
signature={signature} // store the result of the callback `onSign`
signatureConsent={signatureConsent} // store the result of the callback `onSign` when consent is requested
transactionHash={data?.hash} // The mint blockchain transaction hash

<QuadClient /> Props

accessToken (required)
JWT access token. See "API Authentication" page
The user's wallet address.
attributes (required)
An array of Quadrata attributes required by the protocol. See "Discover User Attributes" page.
bypassMint (optional)
Indicates whether to show the mint screen to the onboarding user. Set to True if user is not required to mint passport onchain. Defaults to False.
The decimal chain ID number of the currently connected network. In case of unsupported chain IDs the user will be navigated to the "Configuration Error" screen. Tip: Supported chain IDs can be found in the QuadSupportedChainId enum which can be imported from the @quadrata/core-react NPM package.
children (optional)
Overrides the default loader component inside of the form markup. This component will be shown in all loading states during the flow. if not defined, a "Loading..." text will be shown instead.
className (optional)
The class name to be appended to the component's root DOM element.
The configuration object. See the "Configuration Section" below.
darkMode (optional)
Toggle between dark and light mode.
Default: false
Generic error text, when defined, an error message will appear at the bottom of the UI.
string | undefined
mintComplete (required)
Upon a successful mint, pass a true value to this prop to display the final page.
mintError (optional)
String that can be passed to display a mint error message. If provided the client will be navigated to the MINT_STATUS page and display the error message.
string | undefined
onApplicationEnd (optional)
A callback function: triggered when the application reaches an end state - error or completion. Event object includes status and error properties for additional information.
Statuses: - READY - IN_REVIEW
onHide (optional)
A callback function: triggered when the modal is closed.
onMintClick (optional)
A callback function. triggered when a user clicks Claim Passport. the event object passed to this function will contain all the data required to mint a passport. event.params event.signature and event.signatureIssuer should be passed to the QuadPassport.setAttributesBulk() function in the correct order, and include the event.params.fee as the value passed to the overrides of the setAttributes function. see the example below.
onMintParamsReady (optional)
A callback function: triggered when the mint parameters are signed and ready. tip: useful in case the UI needs to prepare the transaction before initiating it, see example page.
onPageChange (optional)
A callback function: triggered when a page is changed. Passes a Page type string.
tip: Import the Page type from the @quadrata/client-react library
(page: Page) => void
A callback function. triggered when a user clicks Sign Wallet or Allow. It passes a message for the user to sign in the Onboarding and/or User Consent flow.
(message: string, isConsent: boolean) => void
privacyScopes (optional)
An array of Quadrata Privacy Parameter Names that can be requested from the users' privacy data. See "List of Privacy Data" page.
PrivacyConsentScopeParam[] | undefined
signature (required)
The user's signature of the "Welcome to Quadrata! By signing, you agree to the Terms of Service." message passed by the onSign prop.
string | undefined
signatureConsent (optional)
The user's signature when granting access to privacy data.
string | undefined
transactionHash (required)
The mint transaction hash. If the value is not undefined, it will trigger navigation to the "Mint in progress" page and will generate the Block explorer transaction link URL.
string | undefined

Configuration Object

Pass a configuration object to the config prop:
import { QuadClient, QuadClientConfig, QuadClientEnvironment } from '@quadrata/client-react';
// Outside of your react component
const quadConfig: QuadClientConfig = {
protocolName: 'ACME, Inc.',
environment: QuadClientEnvironment.PRODUCTION, // or QuadClientEnvironment.SANDBOX for testing environment
// Inside your react component
<QuadClient config={quadConfig} />
Always define your configuration object outside of your React components to prevent unexpected behavior
When true, debug information will be printed in the console. Never use in production.
_unsafeForcePage (optional)
Forcing a specific page to be displayed. Useful when styling and testing different pages. Set the _debug prop to true when using. Never use in production.
contactEmail (optional)
Contact email address Default: [email protected]
Discord link URL Default:
Quadrata Discord Server
environment (optional)
Possible values:
  • sandbox
  • production
Default: sandbox
Never set to sandbox in production.
tip: The sandbox environment will not perform real verifications.
protocolName (required)
Your protocol name Example: "Acme, Inc."
showSocialButtons (optional)
Show or hide the social media share buttons on the "mint complete" page.
Default: true
NOTE: Contact Quadrata via email to request API keys.

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