KYB Only

Quadrata SDK Client Examples: KYB Only

This example demonstrates how to set up the Quadrata component to launch KYB only.

Not all of the required configuration or props are included in this example

See all available KYB props and configuration at the following page: QuadrataKyb Package

You can use the createAccessToken API Service to create the access token you need to pass in to the component.

import * as QuadrataTypes from '@quadrata/sdk/types';
import { Quadrata } from '@quadrata/sdk/client';

const quadrataSdkConfig: QuadrataTypes.QuadrataSdkConfiguration = {
    environment: QuadrataTypes.QuadrataEnvironment.SANDBOX

export default function KybOnboardingComponent(props: { accessToken: string }) {
    const quadrataProps = {
        accessToken: props.accessToken,
        sdkConfig: quadrataSdkConfig,
        clientConfig: {
            _debug: true,
            protocolName: 'Your Company Name'
        kybProps: {
            // see available props at
            onApplicationEnd: (data: Record<string, any>) => {
                console.log('Application ended', data.status, data.error);
    return (
        <Quadrata {...quadrataProps}>
            {((helper: QuadrataTypes.Client.Components.Helper) => {
                if (helper.isApplicationComplete) {
                    return <p>Application is Complete</p>;
                if (helper.isPassportInReview) {
                    return <p>Your application is in review.</p>;
                return (
                        Launch Application

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